2017 – New Year

It’s one of those days when you just feel inspired and on you A game. You feel like you could do anything be anything. I love love love this feeling. I get more than motivated to be better do better! I feel like there are “those people” who give you those feel good feelings and I just love those type of people!!!

One thing I love to do when I get bored or feeling too overwhelmed and need a 15min break from work is read some of my favorite blogs. I was reading a close friends blog and got the feel goods and got reminded of all the good things in life and how blessed we all are in our own ways.

I want to start remember those feel good moments this year and with all the goal setting and future planning for this year I want to start documenting the love I have for life and all it encompasses for me.

So one of the many goals set this year here’s to one one more: Blog about my XOXO daily life once a week this year!!!!


Yes I realize this is a week late into the year…only 51 posts this year instead of 52 🙂


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